Father Must Haves

Father Must Haves

The man of the house needs to be pampered too


Father’s Day is just around the corner, and because Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gifts. Sure, you could get him another tie or some golf ball, but what about something he would never buy for himself? Although many men do care about skincare, they rarely purchase it for themselves. So this Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of putting his best face forward. Here are some tips that are perfect for every different types of Dad. #AiveeBestDad


  1. Hair, going… going… gone! Not!

Hair loss, receding hairline and baldness are some of the most common dilemmas of our dads. Hair is our crowning glory and it adds confidence and boost self-esteem when we keep it strong and healthy. Our HairLab at the A Institute will take care of that, offering wide variety of non-invasive laser treatments for scalp and hair problems. Revage and Sunnetics are some of the laser treatments that helps to improve hair regeneration and regrowth. Our HairLab is the very first in our country to feature the Artas™ Robotic Hair Transplantation System which incorporates Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the precision of a controlled robot to achieve ultimate result in Surgical Hair Transplantation. We can now restore your hair with minimal pain and downtime.


  1. Dadbod no more!   

Who wouldn’t want to feel and look like those of the hottest Hollywood daddies? Maintaining good physique is very important to keep the confidence even if they are in their 40s or so. Having a sexy figure will be achieved by the help of our non-invasive body contouring treatments like our newest beauty machines the Power Shape and the New Vela Shape III. Sculpsure and I-lipo which are the favourite of our valued customers can help achieve perfectly toned and contoured body. Just remember that being sexy is easy.


  1. Marks of the past.  ­

Getting rid of tattoos are very much easy to achieve nowadays. Our Pico Enlighten, Picosure and Q-Switch laser treatments help erase tattoos, birthmarks and skin discolorations. The marks of the past can easily vanish away.


  1. Be Warts and Acne Free!

Skin tags and warts are very irritating to look at. But these are just small and harmless skin growths which can be eliminated by undergoing simple procedures to keep it from spreading.  Our Agnes, Acupulse and Fotona will definitely do its wonders. For Acne scars, we highly recommend our Fraxel, Picosure and the new Pico Enlighten MLA to help erase skin damage from acne. It also helps tighten visible pores to keep the face looking young and fresh.


  1. Handsome and Fresh.

Facial treatments are not only enjoyed by our moms but our dads as well. Treat them with our wide range of Facial Services, one that cater his current skin condition. We also highly recommend Revive Facial to restore glow and radiance by infusing anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals in to the skin making it younger and fresher.


  1. Rest well. Sleep well.  

Snoring can really be a serious problem. Many people suffer from sleep apnea, a sleep disorder which makes a person experience pauses in breathing during sleep. This also follows loud snoring and snorting. Here at the A Institute, we have our Snoring Lab which will help patients treat sleep apnea and other disorders.


  1. Take the pain away.

Pain should never be tolerated and should be immediately treated. Muscle pain, tendonitis, arthritis and rheumatism are the most common ailments our dads suffer from. Here at the A Institute we introduce our Ortho Sports lab which features pain management treatments that will surely take those pains away. We also utilize our pain management procedure to help faster healing and regeneration.


  1. Do a Power Lift! 

Fine lines, crow’s feet, eye bag, tiny wrinkles and sagging skin are primary concerns of ageing. Worry no more as we have the perfect procedure for those issues. Our Ultherapy and Thermage are non-invasive procedures that effectively lift and tighten the face, neck and chin. For faster and longer result, we recommend Thermitight, a minimally invasive procedure that targets problem areas. It’s also an efficient way to get rid of double chin, chubby cheeks and makes jawline looks more prominent.


  1. Keep “eat” healthy daddy!

It is a must to be conscious of what we eat nowadays. Eating unhealthy food may lead to ailments and problems. We are proud to introduce, a revolutionary nutritional analysis, ImuPro. This is a comprehensive analysis for food allergy to prevent chronic complaints and this will help our dads to eat healthy and right. Get to know which food to eat and not to eat.


  1. Unleash the power of light.

Our dad’s busy days are endless and he always deals with everyday stress. Take that tiredness away and revive his energy by undergoing this new and state-of-the-art treatment called Aivee Light, the latest Intravenous light therapy for inflammation abatement. This aims to clean the bloodstream and destroy pathogens to revitalize physical strength and energy.


So, for that special man in your life, pamper him with indulgent skin care, that can be designed specifically for his unique skin care needs. Our mission is to always bring the best out of our clients and provide world class treatments and services. Celebrate an awesome Father’s day with us and experience it the Aivee way.


Note: This is just a guide for you and our Doctors still needs to assess you so they can recommend the best treatment options for you.


For more information, you can reach our Customer Service Hotline number at (+632) 573-1420 and (+63) 917-7283838 or email us at info@aivee.ph.

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